Terms of Service for Julian Brünn

By purchasing any product/service from Julian Brünn, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to abide by the following, please refrain from buying or using our resources.

A violation of any rule will result in immediate license suspension.

1. Redistribution and use in source or binary forms, with or without modification, is not permitted in any way unless permitted by the author.
2. Redistribution of the resource to third parties is strictly prohibited.
3. Any resource and its contents developed by Julian Brünn are protected with Copyright. Any violation of this authors rights is considered illegal and would violate these Terms, therefore, leading to license suspension.
4. Under no circumstances any refund can be issued.
5. It is the buyers duty to report any bugs found in any resource developed by Julian Brünn. If not, the bug is likely to persist in future updates.
6. Support is provided to every buyer with an active license in the official discord server through the tickets system. The author reserves to refuse support to anyone without further questions.
7. Any use of the product with a suspended license is prohibited.
8. Any attempt of 'hacking' or 'bypassing' the digital rights management system is strictly prohibited.
9. Julian Brünn reserves the right to make changes to the TOS at any time. Users will automatically follow the new TOS as soon as they are published. Major changes will be announced.
10. The author reserves the right to suspend anyones license, with or without refund, and without reason or question.
11. If there is any complaint, please contact julian.bruenn.business@gmail.com. View the Complaints section in Legal Disclosure for more info.
12. We deny access to our licenses to hosting providers or (re-)sellers. The transfer of products to third parties that do not correspond to the named buyer is prohibited. The license will be revoked.
13. If you want to make a complaint, message to the e-mail: julian.bruenn.business@gmail.com
Retroactive license withdrawal: mcprotection.eu by Julian Brünn reserves the right to withdraw licenses from the buyer without warning in case of violation of the above points and to temporarily/permanently block the customer in the system.

Last updated at 29/09/2022 11:28 UTC.