V9.3.0 GENJUTSU & 2.0.1 Escanor & 4.1 Lite

Aegis is the most powerful BungeeCord fork on the market. It is the best AntiBot and AntiCrash that you could find. It is used by more than 1000 servers including servers with 5,000+ players. When you buy it, you have 3 versions to download, Light, Normal and Escanor. Light and Escanor has powerful AntiBot and AntiCrash which was never bypassed. Normal version contains AntiBot, AntiCrash, AuthSystem and AntiVPN. Does not affect server performance and blocks every bungee exploit/crasher and bot attacks. Easily blocks MCSpam, MCDrop, DropBot, private crashers/botters and others. Contains optional firewall integration that you can run on your vps/dedi server, but it is not required. When there is new mc version, we always update is as fast as possible (probably in 1 day).
You can test it on my server:

AntiBot AntiCrash optional Auth System optional AntiVPN optional Firewall rules 1.7-1.20.1 Aegis-Normal up to 1.18.1 Aegis-Escanor up to 1.20.1

SpigotGuard is one of the best Spigot AntiCrash plugin for your minecraft server. Already 500+ servers are using it, including servers with over 5,000 players. It blocks EVERY crash client/exploits that may lag or crash your server. It does not affect your server performance because it works asynchrously and is well optimized. No false detects and fresh updates. If there is any new crasher, we fix it in 1 day. Easy, fully configurable config and easy command management under /spigotguard command. It works perfectly without any dependency. There are always exploits and crashers even in the newest minecraft versions like 1.16-1.18, and there will always be, that's why you need our AntiCrash. We fix everything, that default spigot doesn't fix.

AntiCrash Fully Configurable 1.7.x-1.19.1 support No dependency
V1.2.1-beta r2


Cerberus AntiCheat is one of the best measurements you can use to protect your server form cheaters. We try to implement stable and efficient checks to insure the minimum amount pg cheaters on your server. We seek to provide the best possible system for your server and specific needs. We dont affect your server performance we works asynchrously and have well optimized checks. The AntiCheat can be configured form the ingame GUI and in config to make it fit your server.

1.8.x-1.12.x Packet-based ProtocolLib needed


AtomSpigot is one of the best Spigot forks Available, geared towards improving the experience & stability of your server, all whilst maintaining a secure environment. AtomSpigot offers great performance, so don’t worry about lag. Tired of crashers? AtomSpigot tackles them quite well. AtomSpigot has a variety of features aimed for most servers, among these are anticrash/antiexploit, knockback & potion configuration, taliban pearls, etc. Full feature list CLICK ME

AntiCrash Optimized Secured Faster 1.8.8 base

Lobby/Hub plugin for your lobby servers. It contains whole core: tablist, join messages, server selector menu, hide/show players, gadgets for vip players.
It's now also open-source (no official support provided):

TabList Servers menu Hide/show players item Join/Quit messages Chat manager Spawn protect


Redstone plugin that helps with redstone mechanics. It limits using redstone torchs and levers, makes a limit for redstone, doors etc. per chunk and disables redstone on specific TPS drop. RedstoneGuard presentation video: CLICK ME

Fix redstone mechanics lag Limit redstones per chunk Disable redstone on TPS drops